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Introducing the 190 Watt Power Source Battery Inverter, the perfect solution for powering all your essential items on the go. This versatile inverter is ideal for powering your mobile router, laptops, tablets, cell phones, fans, lights, and other small devices. Compatible with all BAUER™ 20V batteries, you'll never have to worry about running out of power.

The inverter features a 120V 150W AC outlet, perfect for powering small items, as well as a USB-C 30W port for fast charging tablets and phones. It also includes two USB-A ports for charging cell phones and other electronics.

The built-in task light illuminates work spaces and has two modes: On and Blink. Plus, an automatic shut-off feature after three minutes of no activity preserves battery life. You can also use the 120V outlet and USB ports simultaneously for added convenience.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the 190 Watt Power Source Battery Inverter. Order yours today!

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